The Importance of Sunglasses for Outdoor Sports

Technical sports glasses are not just the prerogative of professional athletes. Everyone, even those who practice an amateur or sporadic activity, should wear them. It is mistakenly thought that you can also wear traditional glasses, especially if you have visual defects to correct; in fact, they are not suitable for prolonged outdoor sports, especially in summer.

The graduated sports sunglasses are designed to correct the visual defect of the wearer, and they are also equipped with greater protection from UV rays than traditional ones.

There are no sports sunglasses for everyone.

When you intend to buy a pair of technical sports glasses, you must first contact the ophthalmologist and the optician/optometrist. Based on the presence or absence of visual defects, and also based on the sporting activity you intend to practice, and professionals will be able to direct you towards the best choice.

It is important to clarify that there are no glasses that are suitable for all subjects or for all activities. This is even more true with regard to sports glasses, which must be chosen to measure, paying extreme attention to the various components:

Frame: must be solid, comfortable, and perfectly adherent to the face. Aesthetics have their weight, but to ensure good wearability, it is necessary that it feels light and enveloping to best accompany all activities.

Lenses: must be unbreakable and light. Modern lenses are all in polycarbonate to be lighter and be worn in any context. Depending on the sport, more or less marked levels of protection are also recommended, and the application of filters on the lenses can facilitate vision even in conditions of excessive or low light.

Nasal bridge and temples: they must be comfortable in every situation, even the most extreme. The bridge must be soft and comfortable, the length of the temples must be calibrated well on the person's face. They should have soft protections to cushion movements and prevent them from falling. In many sports, it is advisable to choose wraparound arms, to better surround the whole ear and improve the stability of the frame. If the sport to be practiced is cycling or skating, better than the straighter arms, which can also be worn under a helmet.

Ventilation: be equipped with a good ventilation system that allows air to pass through and avoids the formation of sweat or condensation as much as possible, factors that could negatively affect vision and therefore sports performance.

The right technical eyewear for every sport

Water sports

For those who practice water sports, the most suitable choice is certainly a good pair of goggles, able to defend the eyes from the chlorine of the swimming pool, from the salt water of the sea, and from bacteria.

They must be comfortable and well-fitting, with silicone closures to prevent water from entering and adjustable elastic bands. Even those with visual defects can wear goggles; models with graduated lenses are also available to ensure the excellent vision for everyone.

Sports with ball or ball

Having to practice an outdoor activity that involves the use of a ball or ball can be dangerous if you are not wearing the right technical sports glasses.

Especially on sunny days, the glare and intensity of the sunlight can be an impediment to the performance and even be harmful.

Polarized glasses provide a better perception of colors and depth of field, also avoiding injuries due to suboptimal vision.

What to Put in the Beach Bag?

By now the days are beautiful and sunny if you are also lucky and live in a place near the sea, well. You have started to take advantage of the beach a few days ago (lucky you!). But a question that always recurs from one summer to the next is: what to put in the beach bag in addition to the towel?

It is always useful to have a large and equipped but light bag, with the essentials to spend a day relaxing. To find out with me what to put in the beach bag!


Well, it may seem obvious, but it is not: sunscreens must be a mantra during the summer season and must be reapplied during the day several times. This is why a solar pouch, preferably in plastic so as to be waterproof, is essential.

Remember to spread the cream all over your body - and face - at least 20 minutes before exposure. I usually apply everything before going to the beach, so I also avoid the sand from sticking all over the place.

To maintain protection during the day, I recommend that you opt for spray sunscreens so that they are more comfortable when you are lying on your towel by the sea!

Beach towels

Fold the beach towels into rolls and tuck them upright in the bag. So you will immediately see who each towel corresponds to, and you will not undo the rest when you take one.


I tell you this because I am very sensitive to sunlight. My eyes struggle to stay open if there is too much glare. So, in the beach bag, you can't miss the sunglasses.

A sarong

Enjoying a walk with your feet in the water. A sarong will save you the day to hide some unsightly curves and walk in the sea without having the impression of being scrutinized in your path and having the feeling of revealing your beads to the entire beach. Opt for a veil sarong, light, with which you can compose different looks and styles. The must? Accessorize your sarong and your swimsuit!

Sun hat

But to also protect your head from any sunstroke or avoid burning your scalp/ears - yes, it has happened to me, don't judge - a hat has to be there !!

If you don't like it, you can choose a headband or bandana instead of a hat for a retro look.

Deodorant wipes

You inevitably sweat. As long as you provide some sporting efforts, you are likely to find yourself with dripping armpits and, at the very least odorous! Therefore, to avoid certain embarrassing situations favored by the proximity of the neighborhood, it is prudent to be able to draw your deodorant at any time. In this regard, several products are available to you: either a stick deodorant, small, practical to fit in a pocket, or fresh wipes, which will give you a feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation. The whole thing being to be able to raise your arms without spreading an unpleasant odor behind you.

Waterproof case

I know that going to the sea and to the beach means getting away from the frenzy of everyday life, but we all know that it is difficult not to carry your mobile phone. A little because we post the photos of the blue water in which we are about to dive and make those who follow us on Instagram envious, a little because you never know that someone is looking for us or we have to make a phone call.

To keep our mobile phone dry and safe from the sand in the beach bag, I recommend that you protect your smartphone in a waterproof case suitable for use with the touch screen. Sure, it's not really super fashion to look at, but we care that it's functional!

Hydrate, from Inside and Out

Staying in the sun all day requires a boost of hydration, both from the inside and the outside. That's why I usually prepare a bottle/flask of frozen water the night before: it will last a few nice cool hours under the umbrella!

Furthermore, we cannot always dive into the water when we are sweating and tanning, so carrying a refreshing spray like thermal water in your beach bag will certainly give us relief.


If you tend to exercise a lot on the beach. After several minutes of crawl sessions, nothing like a piece of fruit or a small vitamin bar to regain energy. With the heat, the efforts (to run everywhere on the beach after the youngest), the breakfast swallowed quickly, you are likely to have vagal discomfort if you have nothing to eat! However, avoid chocolate bars, chocolate bars (under the sun, these delicious treats tend to melt), rather prefer bars with cereals, fruits, and dried fruits (raisins, apricots), which avoid the pump stroke and satiate you.

Types of Embroidery You Can Do on Your Towels

If you want to give a decorative detail to the towels in your home, we show you some ideas and tips to do it.

Hand and bath towels are items that we use daily in our homes. It is essential that our towels are soft and protect our skin when drying our hands or body. We will show you different types of embroidery that you can make on your towels to beautify them and give them a personalized look.

That your towels are soft and aesthetically beautiful at the same time helps that when we get out of the bathroom and dry off, it gives us, even more, a feeling of comfort and well-being. Embroidering your towels can be a very nice alternative to highlight the bathrooms in your house and even create memorabilia.

You can embroider the hand towels and the large ones, for adults and for the little ones too. Here we show you some types of embroidery that you can make for the towels in your house.

Embroidery types: manual

Embroidering your towels manually may be the easiest alternative if you don’t have many resources. If you know how to sew by hand, this type of activity will not be difficult for you. You will need the following materials :

• Towel
• Embroidery thread
• Needle
• Pencil or fabric marker

For embroidering by hand, it is ideal to choose a relatively simple or small figure. If you wish, you can choose to embroider the name of the family members and thus personalize each towel in your home. Choose the towel and the area where you want to capture the drawing and mark with the pencil or the fabric marker on the surface of the towel.

Proceed to embroider manually with the embroidery thread threaded to the needle, making simple stitches. You can combine different colors or different thicknesses of threads, and this will give more consistency to your final embroidery.

Types of embroidery: Machine

If you are a fan of sewing and have a sewing machine at home, making your embroidery on towels with the machine can be an easier and faster alternative to manual embroidery. If your machine has different decorative stitches, you can choose the one you like the most; otherwise, you can only embroider with the straight stitch.

Adjust the stitch thickness, machine tension, and choose a relatively thick thread for machine embroidery. You must first mark on the surface of the towel your pattern to embroider, place the machine needle on the mark and start embroidering. Try to regulate the speed and sew slowly. Otherwise, you will have to break and unstitch if necessary.

A very nice option is to do your machine embroidery on a piece of colored fabric and then apply it to the surface of the towel.

Another interesting alternative, since machine embroidery will take less time, is to create a pattern with different decorative stitches. Embroider from one end to the other of your towel horizontally and create different stripes with different stitches of various colors. If you have a white towel, this will be your opportunity to color it and create an original design on it.

Create figures with ribbons and appliques

In addition to creating your embroidery with thread on the surface, you can sew ribbons, small pompoms, or other appliqués to accompany your embroidery. You can create figures with ribbons and complement them by embroidering by hand or by machine, thus creating a figure with different materials. Remember to be careful when choosing materials: You should not apply hard or pointed materials, as they can damage your skin when you dry.

You can sew a cotton bias tape in a contrasting color all the way around your towel. This alternative is very nice to create contrasts and complement the overall design of your towel. In addition, it will look very pretty on the towels for the little ones in the house. Create flowers, animals, geometric guards, and the patterns that you like the most.

If you know how to embroider and make different stitches, this will be your opportunity to give a decorative touch to the towels in your house. Learn about these different types of embroidery, combine different colors, materials, shapes, and names, and design beautiful towels to receive your guests in your bathroom in an original way or to admire yourself when you dry off.

How To Choose Quality Towels For Your Home

Touch is one of the most intimate senses of the human being. Let’s enjoy a hug, the air, a caress. And the sensations on your skin are a delight, especially in the bathroom, when receiving the soft touch of a towel after a shower.

But softness is not the only virtue of a towel quality. There are other characteristics that you should take into account to choose one that presents optimal drying and that you like.

1. Choose 100 percent cotton towels

The best towels are made of 100 percent cotton, as it is a material capable of absorbing 25 percent of its weight. Egyptian and Turkish are the most used in their preparation. The first is recognized as the finest cotton, with long fibers that provide softness, absorption, and durability. Turkish is similar in that it also has long fibers, is preserved over time, and helps create thick and soft textiles.
A tip: a towel will be softer and more absorbent if the yarn with which it has been woven consists of two strands.

2. Consider the grammage greater than 450 grams

The absorption capacity of a towel is related to its weight, called grammage; that is, the amount of cotton yarn per square meter. The higher the grammage, the higher the quality and the ability to remove moisture. A grammage of between 450 and 500 grams per square meter is recommended.

3. Feel its softness and texture

The towels should have a nice touch. Experts advise choosing combed cotton, which eliminates the shorter threads to get a strong and smooth fabric. The softest towels are those with terry cloth on both sides. It is called curl because of the shape of the thread with which it is made. It is what gives the appearance of short “hairs”, or loops, on the surface of towels.

There are also towel velvet calls. They are pieces in which the curls on one side have been cut to create a smooth surface, although they are less absorbent.

4. Check the density

It refers to the percentage of threads per square meter in a towel. The higher the percentage, the greater the absorption capacity. In other words, a 100 percent cotton density means that it is a high-quality textile. You can see this information on the label.

5. Design and color

Finally, choose a towel with designs and colors that inspire you and match your bathroom decor. They can be embroidered, with designs all over the cloth, with decorated edges, with lace, or whatever you prefer.

Beach towels - Ideas for summer

The beach towels are a product essential to enjoy 100% of the summer.

Every year we encourage ourselves to spend a few days at the beach and if we cannot escape to the sea, we choose to cool off in the pool. Whether you go to the beach or the pool ... don't forget your towel!

Enjoy Beach Towels anywhere

The beach towels are the star piece of the summer. They can be made of cotton or polyester, and we use them to dry ourselves after having enjoyed a good swim at the beach or pool. We also use them when we start a day of fun at the water park, exercise in the gym or relax in the spa. Although, most of the time we use them to lie on them and sunbathe.

Generally, beach towels are very different from the towels we have to use in our home. The towels that we used to wear in summer are more colorful, larger, are prepared so that the sand does not stick to them, and they have very striking prints.

Characteristics of the 100% Cotton Beach Towels

One of the most important things about beach towels is their weight, since factors such as quality and drying capacity depend on it. We must also bear in mind that all towels do not have the same composition, so we can find them 100% cotton or 100% microfiber.

The beach towels 100% cotton are finer than those we have at home but not less efficient. This difference occurs because the curl is not the same on both sides.

If we look closely at the main face of the towel, we can see that the curl is more condensed but do not worry, it is not a defect. As it is the part intended to dry us, it has to absorb the excess water and the excess moisture that remains on our skin. The cotton on the back of the towel is specially woven so that the sand does not get stuck between its fibers.

Utilities of 100% Microfiber Towels

In recent years we are witnessing a great boom in 100% microfiber towels, and they are perfect for transporting them. The compression capacity they have is incredible and thanks to this feature they take up very little space both in the beach bag and in the gym backpack.

Have you tried these towels? We can highlight three very useful features.

• They only weigh a few grams
• They take up very little space, even when wet
• They dry our skin in one go

Microfiber is a synthetic material made up of millions of super fine filaments that allow our skin to dry quickly and perfectly.

They are also perfect for use in gyms and swimming pools thanks to the fact that their fibers look like new when exposed to the friction and abrasions produced by chemicals such as chlorine.

3 tips to make 100% Microfiber Towels look like the first day

• After using them and before storing them in the bag or backpack, we must drain them as much as possible to remove excess water. With this measure we will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the bad smell.

• When we get home, we must wash them and hang them out in the open air to dry completely. Typically, 100% microfiber towels dry much earlier than cotton towels.

• After drying, it is only necessary to fold them and store them so that they are ready for their next use. The 100% microfiber towels do not need to be ironed because they do not wrinkle. This is because its filaments are so flexible that they return to the starting position effortlessly.

Buy Original Beach Towels

Normally when we think of beach towels the image of the classic rectangular towels comes to mind, but like everything in life ... they have evolved!

New trends have favored the rise of towels with different forms to which we are accustomed, for example, circular towels, star-shaped, towels XXL, children towels with the silhouette of your favorite characters like Mickey Mouse or famous LOL, towels Real Madrid and towels FC Barcelona, towels giant beach and practically almost everything you can imagine.