Beach towels - Ideas for summer

The beach towels are a product essential to enjoy 100% of the summer.

Every year we encourage ourselves to spend a few days at the beach and if we cannot escape to the sea, we choose to cool off in the pool. Whether you go to the beach or the pool ... don't forget your towel!

Enjoy Beach Towels anywhere

The beach towels are the star piece of the summer. They can be made of cotton or polyester, and we use them to dry ourselves after having enjoyed a good swim at the beach or pool. We also use them when we start a day of fun at the water park, exercise in the gym or relax in the spa. Although, most of the time we use them to lie on them and sunbathe.

Generally, beach towels are very different from the towels we have to use in our home. The towels that we used to wear in summer are more colorful, larger, are prepared so that the sand does not stick to them, and they have very striking prints.

Characteristics of the 100% Cotton Beach Towels

One of the most important things about beach towels is their weight, since factors such as quality and drying capacity depend on it. We must also bear in mind that all towels do not have the same composition, so we can find them 100% cotton or 100% microfiber.

The beach towels 100% cotton are finer than those we have at home but not less efficient. This difference occurs because the curl is not the same on both sides.

If we look closely at the main face of the towel, we can see that the curl is more condensed but do not worry, it is not a defect. As it is the part intended to dry us, it has to absorb the excess water and the excess moisture that remains on our skin. The cotton on the back of the towel is specially woven so that the sand does not get stuck between its fibers.

Utilities of 100% Microfiber Towels

In recent years we are witnessing a great boom in 100% microfiber towels, and they are perfect for transporting them. The compression capacity they have is incredible and thanks to this feature they take up very little space both in the beach bag and in the gym backpack.

Have you tried these towels? We can highlight three very useful features.

• They only weigh a few grams
• They take up very little space, even when wet
• They dry our skin in one go

Microfiber is a synthetic material made up of millions of super fine filaments that allow our skin to dry quickly and perfectly.

They are also perfect for use in gyms and swimming pools thanks to the fact that their fibers look like new when exposed to the friction and abrasions produced by chemicals such as chlorine.

3 tips to make 100% Microfiber Towels look like the first day

• After using them and before storing them in the bag or backpack, we must drain them as much as possible to remove excess water. With this measure we will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the bad smell.

• When we get home, we must wash them and hang them out in the open air to dry completely. Typically, 100% microfiber towels dry much earlier than cotton towels.

• After drying, it is only necessary to fold them and store them so that they are ready for their next use. The 100% microfiber towels do not need to be ironed because they do not wrinkle. This is because its filaments are so flexible that they return to the starting position effortlessly.

Buy Original Beach Towels

Normally when we think of beach towels the image of the classic rectangular towels comes to mind, but like everything in life ... they have evolved!

New trends have favored the rise of towels with different forms to which we are accustomed, for example, circular towels, star-shaped, towels XXL, children towels with the silhouette of your favorite characters like Mickey Mouse or famous LOL, towels Real Madrid and towels FC Barcelona, towels giant beach and practically almost everything you can imagine.