Types of Embroidery You Can Do on Your Towels

If you want to give a decorative detail to the towels in your home, we show you some ideas and tips to do it.

Hand and bath towels are items that we use daily in our homes. It is essential that our towels are soft and protect our skin when drying our hands or body. We will show you different types of embroidery that you can make on your towels to beautify them and give them a personalized look.

That your towels are soft and aesthetically beautiful at the same time helps that when we get out of the bathroom and dry off, it gives us, even more, a feeling of comfort and well-being. Embroidering your towels can be a very nice alternative to highlight the bathrooms in your house and even create memorabilia.

You can embroider the hand towels and the large ones, for adults and for the little ones too. Here we show you some types of embroidery that you can make for the towels in your house.

Embroidery types: manual

Embroidering your towels manually may be the easiest alternative if you don’t have many resources. If you know how to sew by hand, this type of activity will not be difficult for you. You will need the following materials :

• Towel
• Embroidery thread
• Needle
• Pencil or fabric marker

For embroidering by hand, it is ideal to choose a relatively simple or small figure. If you wish, you can choose to embroider the name of the family members and thus personalize each towel in your home. Choose the towel and the area where you want to capture the drawing and mark with the pencil or the fabric marker on the surface of the towel.

Proceed to embroider manually with the embroidery thread threaded to the needle, making simple stitches. You can combine different colors or different thicknesses of threads, and this will give more consistency to your final embroidery.

Types of embroidery: Machine

If you are a fan of sewing and have a sewing machine at home, making your embroidery on towels with the machine can be an easier and faster alternative to manual embroidery. If your machine has different decorative stitches, you can choose the one you like the most; otherwise, you can only embroider with the straight stitch.

Adjust the stitch thickness, machine tension, and choose a relatively thick thread for machine embroidery. You must first mark on the surface of the towel your pattern to embroider, place the machine needle on the mark and start embroidering. Try to regulate the speed and sew slowly. Otherwise, you will have to break and unstitch if necessary.

A very nice option is to do your machine embroidery on a piece of colored fabric and then apply it to the surface of the towel.

Another interesting alternative, since machine embroidery will take less time, is to create a pattern with different decorative stitches. Embroider from one end to the other of your towel horizontally and create different stripes with different stitches of various colors. If you have a white towel, this will be your opportunity to color it and create an original design on it.

Create figures with ribbons and appliques

In addition to creating your embroidery with thread on the surface, you can sew ribbons, small pompoms, or other appliqués to accompany your embroidery. You can create figures with ribbons and complement them by embroidering by hand or by machine, thus creating a figure with different materials. Remember to be careful when choosing materials: You should not apply hard or pointed materials, as they can damage your skin when you dry.

You can sew a cotton bias tape in a contrasting color all the way around your towel. This alternative is very nice to create contrasts and complement the overall design of your towel. In addition, it will look very pretty on the towels for the little ones in the house. Create flowers, animals, geometric guards, and the patterns that you like the most.

If you know how to embroider and make different stitches, this will be your opportunity to give a decorative touch to the towels in your house. Learn about these different types of embroidery, combine different colors, materials, shapes, and names, and design beautiful towels to receive your guests in your bathroom in an original way or to admire yourself when you dry off.