What to Put in the Beach Bag?

By now the days are beautiful and sunny if you are also lucky and live in a place near the sea, well. You have started to take advantage of the beach a few days ago (lucky you!). But a question that always recurs from one summer to the next is: what to put in the beach bag in addition to the towel?

It is always useful to have a large and equipped but light bag, with the essentials to spend a day relaxing. To find out with me what to put in the beach bag!


Well, it may seem obvious, but it is not: sunscreens must be a mantra during the summer season and must be reapplied during the day several times. This is why a solar pouch, preferably in plastic so as to be waterproof, is essential.

Remember to spread the cream all over your body - and face - at least 20 minutes before exposure. I usually apply everything before going to the beach, so I also avoid the sand from sticking all over the place.

To maintain protection during the day, I recommend that you opt for spray sunscreens so that they are more comfortable when you are lying on your towel by the sea!

Beach towels

Fold the beach towels into rolls and tuck them upright in the bag. So you will immediately see who each towel corresponds to, and you will not undo the rest when you take one.


I tell you this because I am very sensitive to sunlight. My eyes struggle to stay open if there is too much glare. So, in the beach bag, you can't miss the sunglasses.

A sarong

Enjoying a walk with your feet in the water. A sarong will save you the day to hide some unsightly curves and walk in the sea without having the impression of being scrutinized in your path and having the feeling of revealing your beads to the entire beach. Opt for a veil sarong, light, with which you can compose different looks and styles. The must? Accessorize your sarong and your swimsuit!

Sun hat

But to also protect your head from any sunstroke or avoid burning your scalp/ears - yes, it has happened to me, don't judge - a hat has to be there !!

If you don't like it, you can choose a headband or bandana instead of a hat for a retro look.

Deodorant wipes

You inevitably sweat. As long as you provide some sporting efforts, you are likely to find yourself with dripping armpits and, at the very least odorous! Therefore, to avoid certain embarrassing situations favored by the proximity of the neighborhood, it is prudent to be able to draw your deodorant at any time. In this regard, several products are available to you: either a stick deodorant, small, practical to fit in a pocket, or fresh wipes, which will give you a feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation. The whole thing being to be able to raise your arms without spreading an unpleasant odor behind you.

Waterproof case

I know that going to the sea and to the beach means getting away from the frenzy of everyday life, but we all know that it is difficult not to carry your mobile phone. A little because we post the photos of the blue water in which we are about to dive and make those who follow us on Instagram envious, a little because you never know that someone is looking for us or we have to make a phone call.

To keep our mobile phone dry and safe from the sand in the beach bag, I recommend that you protect your smartphone in a waterproof case suitable for use with the touch screen. Sure, it's not really super fashion to look at, but we care that it's functional!

Hydrate, from Inside and Out

Staying in the sun all day requires a boost of hydration, both from the inside and the outside. That's why I usually prepare a bottle/flask of frozen water the night before: it will last a few nice cool hours under the umbrella!

Furthermore, we cannot always dive into the water when we are sweating and tanning, so carrying a refreshing spray like thermal water in your beach bag will certainly give us relief.


If you tend to exercise a lot on the beach. After several minutes of crawl sessions, nothing like a piece of fruit or a small vitamin bar to regain energy. With the heat, the efforts (to run everywhere on the beach after the youngest), the breakfast swallowed quickly, you are likely to have vagal discomfort if you have nothing to eat! However, avoid chocolate bars, chocolate bars (under the sun, these delicious treats tend to melt), rather prefer bars with cereals, fruits, and dried fruits (raisins, apricots), which avoid the pump stroke and satiate you.