The Importance of Sunglasses for Outdoor Sports

Technical sports glasses are not just the prerogative of professional athletes. Everyone, even those who practice an amateur or sporadic activity, should wear them. It is mistakenly thought that you can also wear traditional glasses, especially if you have visual defects to correct; in fact, they are not suitable for prolonged outdoor sports, especially in summer.

The graduated sports sunglasses are designed to correct the visual defect of the wearer, and they are also equipped with greater protection from UV rays than traditional ones.

There are no sports sunglasses for everyone.

When you intend to buy a pair of technical sports glasses, you must first contact the ophthalmologist and the optician/optometrist. Based on the presence or absence of visual defects, and also based on the sporting activity you intend to practice, and professionals will be able to direct you towards the best choice.

It is important to clarify that there are no glasses that are suitable for all subjects or for all activities. This is even more true with regard to sports glasses, which must be chosen to measure, paying extreme attention to the various components:

Frame: must be solid, comfortable, and perfectly adherent to the face. Aesthetics have their weight, but to ensure good wearability, it is necessary that it feels light and enveloping to best accompany all activities.

Lenses: must be unbreakable and light. Modern lenses are all in polycarbonate to be lighter and be worn in any context. Depending on the sport, more or less marked levels of protection are also recommended, and the application of filters on the lenses can facilitate vision even in conditions of excessive or low light.

Nasal bridge and temples: they must be comfortable in every situation, even the most extreme. The bridge must be soft and comfortable, the length of the temples must be calibrated well on the person's face. They should have soft protections to cushion movements and prevent them from falling. In many sports, it is advisable to choose wraparound arms, to better surround the whole ear and improve the stability of the frame. If the sport to be practiced is cycling or skating, better than the straighter arms, which can also be worn under a helmet.

Ventilation: be equipped with a good ventilation system that allows air to pass through and avoids the formation of sweat or condensation as much as possible, factors that could negatively affect vision and therefore sports performance.

The right technical eyewear for every sport

Water sports

For those who practice water sports, the most suitable choice is certainly a good pair of goggles, able to defend the eyes from the chlorine of the swimming pool, from the salt water of the sea, and from bacteria.

They must be comfortable and well-fitting, with silicone closures to prevent water from entering and adjustable elastic bands. Even those with visual defects can wear goggles; models with graduated lenses are also available to ensure the excellent vision for everyone.

Sports with ball or ball

Having to practice an outdoor activity that involves the use of a ball or ball can be dangerous if you are not wearing the right technical sports glasses.

Especially on sunny days, the glare and intensity of the sunlight can be an impediment to the performance and even be harmful.

Polarized glasses provide a better perception of colors and depth of field, also avoiding injuries due to suboptimal vision.